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Lies Geerdens

Exploring the boundaries of concentration and material over time

In an attempt to escape the world and the ever more demanding society, Lies Geerdens seeks for a way out through her practice with a slow way of working. With minimal, restrained movements she creates circles and stripes that end up filling the entire page. The repetition and rhythm of the moment provide a time-consuming task in which she finds herself again. Throughout this process, concentration weakens and the used material becomes visible: points become blunt and markers become empty, but the work process continues. She is not looking for the perfect circle, the straightest line, only for redemption. That is exactly what makes her work so charged and lively, no circle is the same. As chained to life, so is she chained to her work.



Born in 1995, Hasselt, Belgium

Currently living and working in Hasselt, Belgium

Group Exhibitions

2022    Anderland 2.0 / Hasselt, Belgium (Upcoming)

2021    EXIT 2021

            Liberation / Hasselt, Belgium

            There is no place like home / Hasselt, Belgium

2019    Nexit: Onkruid vergaat niet / GYM, Hasselt, Belgium

2018    Hatchlings / Hasselt, Belgium

Solo Exhibitions


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